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Teachers adapting the Hub – Food webs

In this online PD session recorded on 19 November 2015, primary school teacher Candy Hart describes how she adapted resources from the Science Learning Hub to teach her year 7 and 8 students concepts about food webs.

Candy built on her students’ understanding of food webs by asking students to transfer their learning by applying it to their local environment – quite different from the Hub’s marine example.

I have also used the articles in reading. I love the scientific vocabulary they learn.


Video: Teachers adapting the Hub – Food webs

Download (MP4, 192 MB)

Barb Ryan also introduces other SLH resources related to food webs.

See links above to view the video of this professional development session (we recommend downloading the video) and also links to download the:

  • PowerPoint presentation
  • index for the PowerPoint and video.

Nature of Science

Students are given the opportunity to explore issues within food web ecosystems (changes to the environment or within the food web) and to make decisions about possible implications and actions.

My kids have been making arrows to add to a poster of a food web and are then going to teach the lesson to another group within the class. They love the fact they are teaching others.

Teacher (referring to Conserving Native Birds science story)

Activity idea

In this activity, students construct a food web using string to show connections between species.
Making a food web

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