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NZ reptile and amphibian atlas launched

New Zealand’s first electronic atlas of reptiles and amphibians has been released by the Department of Conservation.

The atlas includes information on more than 100 different native species, with images and maps.

“New Zealand’s native frogs are found nowhere else in the world,” DOC Project Leader Benno Kappers says. “By making this information available to the public, the Department aims to raise awareness of New Zealand’s unique fauna.”

DOC is also encouraging the public to record sightings of skinks, geckos, frogs and marine reptiles and to forward the details to for inclusion in a database.

The database already contains over 17,000 sightings, which have taken over 40 years to collect with the help of herpetologists, universities, consultants, museum curators, palaeontologists, DOC staff and members of the public.

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