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This Sci Media collection contains images connected to Nanoscience.

A single gold nanoparticle in a plant cell

This is a transmission electron microscope image of a gold nanoparticle in a plant cell.

An advantage of core-shell nanoparticles

In the ball-shaped nanoparticle of catalyst atoms on the left, the atoms in the middle are surrounded and cannot take part in a reaction....

An octapod nanoparticle

Transmission electron microscope image of an octapod.

Atomic force microscope

Professor Richard Haverkamp, at Massey University, with an atomic force microscope which he uses to study single molecules and...

Carbon nanotubes

Image of a mass of carbon nanotubes taken using a scanning electron microscope.

Catalytic converter catalyst

The platinum catalyst in a car catalytic converter changes carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide, by absorption.

Chemical reactions involve making new combinations

Each coloured square represents a simple particle in a chemical reaction – two squares together represent a more complex particle.

Different shaped nanocrystals

This transmission electron microscope image shows octapods (not quite square) and tripods (three arms), grown using surfactants to control...

Dr Ben Ruck

Dr Ruck is a physicist, one of a team working on semiconductor nanofilms for the MacDiarmid Institute.

Dr Richard Tilley and PhD student John Watt

Dr Richard Tilley, a senior lecturer in the School of Chemical and Physical Sciences at Victoria University of Wellington, and PhD student...

Dr Richard Tilley working with silicon

Dr Richard Tilley works with silicon inside a sealed ‘glove box’.

Electron microscope facility

Dr Richard Tilley, at Victoria University of Wellington, loading a sample into an electron microscope.

Gold nanoparticles inside a plant cell

This image of gold nanoparticles in a plant cell was created using a transmission electron microscope.

How to make an octapod

On the left is a computer image of a platinum nanocrystal. Each ‘dot’ is an atom. When a surfactant is used to block the square faces,...

iPod media player

This iPod nano can store eight gigabytes of data.

Making a nanofilm

View inside a vacuum chamber while a nanofilm is being grown.

Nanogears – part of a molecular machine

Molecule-sized gears attached to the outside of a carbon nanotube shaft.

Nanoparticle size comparison

It is hard to grasp just how small a nanoparticle is.

Plants making gold nanoparticles

Brassica juncea plants are growing in nutrient that contains gold chloride.

Prof John Spencer

Prof Spencer is a chemist who works with carbon nanotubes.

Prof Richard Haverkamp

Prof Richard Haverkamp with an atomic force microscope.

Professor Alan MacDiarmid

Alan MacDiarmid at work in his laboratory in the Chemistry Department at the University of Pennsylvania.

Professor Richard Haverkamp and Dr Aaron Marshall

At Massey University, Professor Richard Haverkamp and post doctoral researcher Dr Aaron Marshall prepare plant material containing gold...

Quantum dots in cells

Silicon quantum dots fluorescing inside cancer cells grown in a laboratory.

Richard Tilley

Dr Richard Tilley using an electron microscope.

Testing electrocatalysts

Dr Aaron Marshall testing a new electrocatalyst for the electrolysis of water.

Transmission electron microscope

Dr Richard Tilley using the transmission electron microscope of the MacDiarmid Institute.