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Looking Closer

This collection contains a wide variety of resources and information about Ferns, which supports the resources in the other collections.

  • Molecular analysis of ferns – Article

    DNA analysis is being used to refine the classification of ferns and to further define the relationships between them. This has led to the recent revision of fern classification.

  • Botany and botanists – Article

    Botany is the scientific study of plants. This field of study encompasses terrestrial, freshwater and ocean plants, as well as algae and some non-plants like fungi. The people who study botany are botanists.

  • Plant collections in museums – Article

    Every year, New Zealand museums attract millions of visitors. Museum collections and exhibitions tell us about New Zealand, its people, flora and fauna. People visit museums for pleasure and for education.

  • New Zealand native ferns –Science Data

    This PowerPoint presentation provides information on the structural features, habitat and distribution of some of the native ferns that feature in this context.