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Science Ideas and Concepts

Scientific study requires a basic knowledge and understanding of ideas and concepts. This collection explains the ideas that are fundamental to Exploring with Microscopes.

  • Magnification and resolution – Information Sheet

    Microscopes enhance our sense of sight. They make things appear bigger (magnify them) and increase the level of detail we can see (resolution).

  • How microscopes magnify – Information Sheet

    A microscope uses a lens or lenses to make small objects look bigger and to show more detail. Over time, technological innovations have made microscopes easier to use and led to increased image quality.

  • The microscopic scale – Information Sheet

    The microscopic scale is the range of sizes that can be detected using microscopes. It spans seven orders of magnitude (from a millimetre to one ten-millionth of a millimetre).

  • Animal cells and their shapes – Information Sheet

    Animal cells come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. We can learn a lot about what a cell does by looking at its shape.

  • Cell organelles – Information Sheet

    Organelles are structures that have specific functions in the cell. They have only been studied in detail since the invention of the transmission electron microscope.