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NZ Research

This collection provides information about the work of New Zealand’s world-class science and technology sectors in relation to Exploring with Microscopes. Included are profiles of organisations carrying out work in this area.

  • A closer look at the cell’s antenna – Article

    Associate Professor Tony Poole from the University of Otago uses electron microscopes to study the primary cilium. The role of this cell organelle, which acts as the cell’s antenna, has only recently been discovered.

  • Making connections in the brain – Article

    Dr Rebecca Campbell from the University of Otago uses fluorescence microscopes to explore the brain cells that control fertility. She has shown that the cells’ shapes are far more complex than was previously thought.

  • Squishy rocks and earthquakes – Article

    Deep below the Earth’s surface, rocks get ‘squished’ under pressure (instead of breaking), but can this tell us anything about how earthquakes happen? Professor Dave Prior from the University of Otago is looking for answers by studying New Zealand’s Alpine Fault zone.

  • Harakeke under the microscope – Article

    Microscopes were important in recent research on harakeke (native New Zealand flax) at the University of Otago. Scientists and weavers worked together to compare the microscopic qualities of harakeke varieties with their weaving attributes.

  • Microscopy Otago – Organisation

    Microscopy Otago is the University of Otago’s centralised microscope facility.

  • University of Otago Department of Geology – Organisation

    The Department of Geology, University of Otago, carries out research in the Earth sciences. The Department’s research programme is strongly linked to the dynamic geology of New Zealand, particularly the South Island.

  • Clothing and Textile Sciences, University of Otago – Organisation

    Clothing and Textile Sciences, within the Department of Applied Sciences, University of Otago, carries out research on how clothing and textiles meet basic human needs and affect performance and wellbeing.