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Science Ideas and Concepts

Scientific study requires a basic knowledge and understanding of ideas and concepts. This collection explains the ideas that are fundamental to Enviro-imprints.

  • Air quality – Information Sheet

    Particulates are liquid or solid particles fine enough to be suspended in the air. Smaller particulates are more harmful than larger ones because they reduce our ability breathe properly.

  • Biodegradability – Information Sheet

    A biodegradable object is one that will break down quickly and safely into harmless compounds by using the action of microorganisms.

  • Bioindicators – Information Sheet

    A bioindicator is a living organism that gives an idea of the health of an ecosystem. If pollutants are present, it may change its morphology, physiology or behaviour, or could die.

  • Soil quality – Information Sheet

    The soil has a variety of pollutants that can affect its quality. Farming and industrial practices, both past and present, can have a detrimental impact. New Zealand geology can also contribute to the levels of toxins in our soil.

  • Toxicity – Information Sheet

    The level of toxicity of a substance is related to the effect it has on an organism and how much of the substance, or how long the exposure, is needed to give an effect.

  • Water quality – Information Sheet

    The factors that affect water quality include where the water comes from, what is in the environment in the collection area and how it is treated.