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NZ Research

This collection provides information about the work of New Zealand’s world-class science and technology sectors in relation to Enviro-imprints. Included are profiles of organisations carrying out work in this area.

  • ESR Water Management Group – Article

    The Water Management Group at ESR conducts research into the adverse impacts on the quality of our water and ways in which we can manage this important resource.

  • ESR (Environmental Science & Research) – Organisation

    ESR (Environmental Science & Research) provides a range of commercial scientific services, from applied science and research, consultancy and analytical services, through to the provision of advanced scientific information systems.

  • Lincoln University Agricultural and Life Sciences Division – Organisation

    The Lincoln University Agriculture and Life Sciences Division represents a paddock to plate philosophy, including research and teaching in a wide range of areas.  

  • University of Canterbury Department of Geography – Organisation

    The Department of Geography at the University of Canterbury is a diverse department undertaking research across multiple areas.