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Looking Closer

This collection contains a wide variety of resources and information about Enviro-imprints, which supports the resources in the other collections.

  • Air pollution in Christchurch – Article

    What are the sources of air pollution in Christchurch, what makes it worse and how does it affect people’s health?

  • Measuring biodegradability – Article

    The rate at which biological material degrades is dependent on conditions such as light, water and temperature and the types or microorganisms present, as well as the type of substance.

  • Organochlorines – Article

    Organochlorines are highly toxic chemicals found in many pesticides. Even though they do not break down to harmless substances easily, they have been used in farming and industry for many years.

  • Soil contamination – Article

    A site is considered contaminated if the levels of hazardous substances are likely to cause a risk to health or the environment. There are many sources for potential contamination, many of which are historic uses of land. The contamination from a site can get into our waterways, into the air or into our food.