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NZ Research

This collection provides information about the work of New Zealand’s world-class science and technology sectors in relation to Dating the Past. Included are profiles of organisations carrying out work in this area.

  • Date a dinosaur – Article

    Paleontologists like Dr James Crampton from GNS Science have been determining dates for fossils found in north-west Hawke’s Bay using correlation, including matching microscopic fossils with those dated at other places.

  • Whanganui rocks and climate cycles – Article

    Rocks near Whanganui contain a record of many climate cycles over the last 5 million years. They have been dated by scientists like Dr Alan Beu from GNS Science using a variety of techniques.

  • Ice ages unearthed – Article

    Cores from a peat bog contain evidence of climate change during the last two ice ages. Dr Marcus Vandergoes of GNS Science has dated events recorded in the cores using radiocarbon and optically stimulated luminescence.

  • Developing the New Zealand geological timescale – Article

    Geologists have built up an international timescale of Earth’s history, based on relative and absolute dating methods. New Zealand scientists have added to this to reflect the country’s unique history.

  • Rafter Radiocarbon Laboratory – Organisation

    The Rafter Radiocarbon Laboratory provides dates for organic material sent from around New Zealand and overseas. It uses an accelerator mass spectrometer for accurate radiocarbon dating of small samples.