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Question Bank

An inquiry approach is a method often used in science education. The question bank provides an initial list of questions about Ceramics and places where their answers can be found.


This question bank provides you with a range of things you might ask yourself about Ceramics.

Q. What are ceramics?
Q. Traditional ceramics are clay-based. What is clay and how is it formed?
Q. What is the relationship between rocks, minerals and crystals?
Q. What is O-Sialon, how is it made and what uses does it have?
Q. What is superconductivity, and why is there so much interest in it?
Q. What is meant by temperature? What are the scales of temperature used by scientists?
Q. What is a bioceramic?
Q. What is hydroxyapatite and where is it found in the human body?
Q. Metal oxides and non-metal nitrides are finding increasing use as advanced ceramics. What are the properties and structural features that allow them to be used in this way?
Q. What is sintering?
Q. What properties are used to describe minerals?