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Looking Closer

This collection contains a wide variety of resources and information about A Fizzy Rock, which supports the resources in the other collections.

  • Hydrogel biomineralisation – Article

    How calcium carbonate is precipitated during seashell formation is well understood. However, trying to replicate that process in the lab requires a different approach. One way, using chitin hydrogels, is showing promise. 

  • Lime – a time-tested chemical – Article

    Pure lime is calcium oxide, which is produced industrially by strongly heating limestone. Its ease of manufacture and chemical properties make it an important industrial chemical. 

  • Cold-seep communities – Article

    Cold seeps can be associated with a community of organisms. The base of this community is chemosynthetic bacteria that ‘feed’ on methane and hydrogen sulfide present in the seep water.

  • Carbonates in and on the ear – Article

    Calcium carbonate crystals present in the inner ear play a key role in our sense of balance and movement. Pearl, a calcium carbonate gemstone, is often used to adorn the body. 

  • Limestone as an oil reservoir – Article

    The world’s largest oil fields are contained in limestones. By contrast, New Zealand’s oil deposits are mostly sandstone based. However, limestone associated with the Tikorangi Formation in the Taranaki Basin  is a hydrocarbon reservoir.